Farming know-how

Our business is supported by a dynamic farming team that closely monitors all our fields and crops to maintain our high standards of quality as a leading vegetable producer.

The variety of crops we produce, including broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, onions, and soy and other beans, allows us to meet market needs and apply the principle of crop rotation.

We pay special attention to crop variety, water management, pest and disease detection, rigorous crop tracing, and production and sales forecasts.

We invest in research and development to improve our range of crop varieties and our technological processes. We have even developed and adapted some of our own equipment to improve efficiency, increase ease of operation and reduce soil impact. Our techniques facilitate good farming practices:

  • Respect for environmental standards;
  • Full traceability from field to market;
  • Compliance with the On-Farm Food Safety Recognition Program (OFFSRP)
  • Member of the Productions en régie intégrée du sud de Montréal Inc. [south-of-Montréal farm enterprise stewardship] (PRISME) consortium;
  • Rigorous water management.