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We are passionate about our land. Our love story with the land began in 1965, when Jeanne d’Arc and Paul Cousineau, along with their small children, settled in Saint-Constant on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, across from Montréal.

As they acquired expertise and continually sought to innovate, their business quickly became a leader in vegetable crops in Quebec. Starting in 1983, six sons began taking over the reins of the business, now known as Les Jardins Paul Cousineau & Fils inc. Today, François, Jean-Marie, Laurent, Martin, Pascal and Vincent are carrying the torch, pursuing the work their parents began.

The brothers' agricultural expertise was first recognized by the Quebec government in 1990, when they received the bronze medal of the Ordre du mérite agricole [agriculture order of merit]. This was followed by the silver medal in 1995 and by the gold medal in 2005. Les Jardins Paul Cousineau & Fils inc. is one of the few farm businesses to have been awarded all three medals, the highest recognition in Quebec agricultural circles.